Fast Track Courses 2016

The FTC 2016 was a three-day event of one-hour training sessions on multiple BIM (Building Information Modeling) software platforms and applications, with a focus on Autodesk solutions. The classes were in English and the program was structured so that each session could be independent between them. Each session had prerequisites that could be obtained in previous sessions, so that participants could choose the sessions of greatest interest. Although the sessions could be independently attended because of their specificity, they formed a comprehensive course that covered the following:

Day One: General concepts and BIM standards implemented in the AECO industry, using the BIM Revit platform.

Day Two: Focused on process automation with interoperability between Revit and structural design software, as well as the powerful use of Revit API and visual programming capabilities using Dynamo.

Day Three: Coordination, which included the presentation of methodologies that could be used to reconcile the various disciplines in a project supported by Navisworks software.

These three days of training took place in Oporto on 17, 18 and 19 October (Monday to Wednesday), preceding the RTC Europe 2016 event (RTCEUR 2016).

The FTC was structured for the beginner / intermediate level, as a full course or individual and specific sessions, with the aim of showing ways that can improve the workflows and productivity of companies. The FTC as a whole offered full thematic courses, its fundamental aspect being its modular nature. This allowed the participants to choose the sessions that most interested them without losing other activities or full working days.

As the courses were included in RTC BIM Week and were organized with the collaboration of the RTC, each participant of the RTC Europe 2016 had a free-pass for two sessions of the FTC, of ​​their choice.



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